SPMMC Capacity Development with Prof Egede in 2016
Signing of MoU with SPMMC in 2015
Planting Mango Tree at Aksum University in 2017
Donating books to SPMMC -2016
Dinner with global health collaborators - St Paul and Ghana in Charleston, SC - 2016
Dr Hagos - Adigrat University - Head of Tigray Health Bureau - 2014
Dr Zerihun - Ayder University - SPMMC -2015
Adigrat University, ED-REAP Excellence Award - winner - 2014
Adigrat University - First Graduation Ceremony - 2014
Collaborators from St Paul and Ghana at MUSC - 2016
Prof. Mulugeta during lecture at Aksum University - 2019
Prof Hailemariam (left) and Prof Mulugeta at ED-REAP workshop Mekelle - 2012
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Engaging Diaspora for Research and Education Advancement through Partnership

What We Do


Support KG-12 through University students affected by the war in Tigray through resource identification and connection, mentorship, and arranging counseling services for coping with the physical and mental trauma of war and separation from family members. Support training of teachers, administrators, and donation of teaching materials. Play a constructive role in addressing any humanitarian needs of the broader African society with a special focus on Tigray – in complete alignment with ED-REAP’s core mission.


Create partnerships and collaborations with organizations that have missions and objectives aligned with those of ED-REAP. Provide support on the leadership and management system development. Introduce modern university management systems such as IT-based student administration, personnel & financial management systems. Provide local university leadership capacity development activities including but not limited to coaching leaders, and delivering short term leadership capacity development programs.


Support and promote the culture of research among African faculty, students of higher learning and research institutes. Provide advice on effective ways of creating, maintaining research infrastructure using statistical data for informing policy, undertaking research, and providing training as well as mentoring on research methods.


Support the Education sector through participation in short-term graduate and undergraduate teaching, providing continuing education/training, and serving as a conduit between African universities and partner institutions with the objective of fostering partnerships to harvest knowledge for societal impact.

Fund Raising

Create a framework for fundraising, receipt of in-kind and monetary donations from philanthropic sources, seeking grant funding from appropriate funding agencies.
Provide donations to other non-profit organizations that are aligned with the core vision of ED-REAP.

Public Health Support

Educate the importance of mental health, and provide social support for the well-being of Tegaru community going through challenging times of #TigrayGenocide & COVID-19. Dr. Mulugeta Gebregziabher, Professor and Vice Chair of Academic Programs at MUSC and Research Health Scientist at the Charleston VA Medical Center, frequently holds workshops to share public health messages.

ED-REAP in Action

Engaging Diaspora in Research and Education Advancement through Partnership (ED-REAP) is a 501(c)(3) organization formed by a dedicated group of professors working in various US universities with the vision of linking the vast scholarly resources of the Diaspora and with appropriate African learning and research institutions.

The mission of this organization is to boost the research and educational development culture by supporting the research capacity-building efforts and bringing together a multi-disciplinary group of academicians to work with appropriate and interested African universities and research institutions.

We also strive to participate in humanitarian activities that benefit members of the Diaspora abroad and African society, with a primary focus on the Tigray, Ethiopia.

Impact Stories

Contributed $115,000 towards securing much-needed funds for medical equipment for Tigray

ED-REAP, Fistula Fund, Maternal Health Fund, Global perm NW, and Footsteps to Healing which are Ayder hospital partners contributed $115,000 towards securing funds for medical equipment for Tigray.

“We Are The World”

On April 23rd, 2021, ED-REAP co-sponsored a campaign “WE ARE THE WORLD” in an effort to stop another famine on the 36th anniversary of the release of the ” We Are The World” album.

ED-REAP, in compliance with its vision, mission, and objectives, has established The ED-REAP Excellence Award Program to recognize highly qualified students graduating from undergraduate degree programs of Tigrayan Universities and Colleges.

Tigray University Students Support Group

Tigrayan University Students Support Group held a meeting on Saturday, October 23rd from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM Eastern Time!

TUSSG discussed Individual Development Plans & Navigating Tough Conversations, with Dr. Mulugeta Gebregziabher, Professor and Vice Chair of Academic Programs at MUSC and Research Health Scientist at the Charleston VA Medical Center.