ED_REAP: Harvesting Knowledge through Partnership


Ethiopian Diaspora for Research and Education Advancement through Partnership (ED-REAP) is an organization that envisions a linkage of the vast scholarly resources of the Ethiopian Diaspora with appropriate Ethiopian higher learning and research institutions for the betterment of the people of Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Diaspora is a huge reservoir of world-class scholarly skills in a wide array of multi-disciplinary fields of study; and has amassed a vast amount of teaching, research, leadership, management, and policy-making experience from all over the world.

Because of its cultural, emotional and historical attachment to Ethiopia, the Diaspora can play a significant role in accelerating the ambitious developmental activities currently underway in Ethiopia.

The main mission of this organization is to create a network of ED scholars
that would serve as a think-tank group to create, co-ordinate and
foster partnerships between ED and their host institutions and
Ethiopian higher learning and research institutions in order to bring
about a productive research culture and to produce well-trained class
of Ethiopian intellectuals.

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